Here Is How To Get The Most Out Of Your Perfume

Most of us either buy a bottle of perfume or are happy to receive one as a gift. When you are buying one for yourself, there are many things that decide the brand that you buy. From buying a scent that has a mild floral fragrance to something that is heady and strong, the choices vary depending on the age of the person, the frequency of use, and of course the amount of money they would like to spend on a purchase such as this. Whether you have bought one for yourself or have decided to use the one that was gifted to you last year on your birthday; there is one thing you need to be concerned about: how to store your perfume and make sure it stays fresh.


The one thing that does not enjoy direct sunlight is a perfume bottle. Since one of the main ingredients in a scent is alcohol, it is not advisable to keep it in a place that is sunny and warm. You might wonder what people do in hot climates. Well, even in this case, they look for places within their houses that are a bit dark and of course cool as well. Therefore, make sure that your scent bottle is not kept standing on a windowsill that gets bright sunlight streaming in for the better part of the day. In case you are travelling, make sure that you do not leave your kit bag with your perfume bottle, lying around in the sun. In some extreme cases, the alcohol content in it could cause it to explode.

Dry Places

This is more of a common-sense precaution than anything else. Just imagine what would happen if you keep a bottle in a place that is wet most of the time, like the bathing area of your bathroom. Not only are you in danger of having the bottle slip, fall down, and break, you might end up diluting the contents if you leave it open. It is always better to find a dry and cool place in some part of the house, preferably a low table or stand so that you do not have to reach too far up to get the perfume.

Keeping your scent bottle in its original box or packing also helps retain its freshness. If you want to make sure that your favourite perfume (cologne samples) lasts long, try placing it in the right place – dry & cool!

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