As if all your woes at this present juncture are not enough; you get this random call from a  person claiming to be a lawyer. Here he is telling you that you are involved in a lawsuit and that there are some serious charges against you. He goes on to say that if you do not pay up, he will have to press these charges. This could be a difficult situation because you are trying to figure out where you went wrong. Initially, you think that you might have done something inadvertently. But the more and more you analyse the situation, you realize that something is just not right. Find ways to learn how to know a lawyer is a scam; this is the only way you can keep yourself free from those panic attacks you keep getting, every time the phone rings and you think it could be that lawyer again!

The Fake Lawsuit

You are not in the habit of breaking rules, nor are you trying to conceal anything. So, where does that lawsuit come from? If someone is telling you that you are going to be indicted, it is high time you told them to just bring it on! Show some courage and do not cower in any way and make them think that you have been quelled. It takes a lot more to quell you, not some silly fabricated lawsuit. The bottom line is this: when you are a strict, law-abiding citizen, there is no way you can get taken in by some scamster who is trying to frighten you with all sorts of fake cases or lawsuits. The challenge here is to find out how serious this person is and how he is able to give you all sorts of information which seem to be completely baseless.

The Offer That You Cannot Refuse

The fake lawsuit takes the next turn when the lawyer or rather the person who pretends to be a lawyer tells you that he is ready to represent you since you are in a terrible soup right now. This is when you really should be waking up to the scam that is being perpetrated on you, without your knowledge and realization. It is quite possible that this person will tell you that if you do not hire him, you might lose all chance of getting off the hook where this lawsuit is concerned. Do not fall for this; it is not true at all.