Most of us either buy a bottle of perfume or are happy to receive one as a gift. When you are buying one for yourself, there are many things that decide the brand that you buy. From buying a scent that has a mild floral fragrance to something that is heady and strong, the choices vary depending on the age of the person, the frequency of use, and of course the amount of money they would like to spend on a purchase such as this. Whether you have bought one for yourself or have decided to use the one that was gifted to you last year on your birthday; there is one thing you need to be concerned about: how to store your perfume and make sure it stays fresh.


The one thing that does not enjoy direct sunlight is a perfume bottle. Since one of the main ingredients in a scent is alcohol, it is not advisable to keep it in a place that is sunny and warm. You might wonder what people do in hot climates. Well, even in this case, they look for places within their houses that are a bit dark and of course cool as well. Therefore, make sure that your scent bottle is not kept standing on a windowsill that gets bright sunlight streaming in for the better part of the day. In case you are travelling, make sure that you do not leave your kit bag with your perfume bottle, lying around in the sun. In some extreme cases, the alcohol content in it could cause it to explode.

Dry Places

This is more of a common-sense precaution than anything else. Just imagine what would happen if you keep a bottle in a place that is wet most of the time, like the bathing area of your bathroom. Not only are you in danger of having the bottle slip, fall down, and break, you might end up diluting the contents if you leave it open. It is always better to find a dry and cool place in some part of the house, preferably a low table or stand so that you do not have to reach too far up to get the perfume.

Keeping your scent bottle in its original box or packing also helps retain its freshness. If you want to make sure that your favourite perfume (cologne samples) lasts long, try placing it in the right place – dry & cool!


As if all your woes at this present juncture are not enough; you get this random call from a  person claiming to be a lawyer. Here he is telling you that you are involved in a lawsuit and that there are some serious charges against you. He goes on to say that if you do not pay up, he will have to press these charges. This could be a difficult situation because you are trying to figure out where you went wrong. Initially, you think that you might have done something inadvertently. But the more and more you analyse the situation, you realize that something is just not right. Find ways to learn how to know a lawyer is a scam; this is the only way you can keep yourself free from those panic attacks you keep getting, every time the phone rings and you think it could be that lawyer again!

The Fake Lawsuit

You are not in the habit of breaking rules, nor are you trying to conceal anything. So, where does that lawsuit come from? If someone is telling you that you are going to be indicted, it is high time you told them to just bring it on! Show some courage and do not cower in any way and make them think that you have been quelled. It takes a lot more to quell you, not some silly fabricated lawsuit. The bottom line is this: when you are a strict, law-abiding citizen, there is no way you can get taken in by some scamster who is trying to frighten you with all sorts of fake cases or lawsuits. The challenge here is to find out how serious this person is and how he is able to give you all sorts of information which seem to be completely baseless.

The Offer That You Cannot Refuse

The fake lawsuit takes the next turn when the lawyer or rather the person who pretends to be a lawyer tells you that he is ready to represent you since you are in a terrible soup right now. This is when you really should be waking up to the scam that is being perpetrated on you, without your knowledge and realization. It is quite possible that this person will tell you that if you do not hire him, you might lose all chance of getting off the hook where this lawsuit is concerned. Do not fall for this; it is not true at all.


You might wonder how it is possible to achieve inner healing and peace by logging on to a website site like Handpanguru. In reality, it is indeed simple – let us think of the whole process and you will realise that it is possible to plan for the evolution of inner peace and healing when you start getting associated with music and instruments. The handpan or the hang pan or the hang drum as it is known creates a range of sounds and tones that are not just beautiful to listen to, but also therapeutic in a way. Have you been in a quiet room where you can shut out all other external sounds and only depend on the sounds of the instrument to make you feel better? All this and more can be achieved if you look at the range of pans or drums that are available on this website.


In today’s fast-paced world, if there is one thing that is universally felt at this particular period in time, it is torment. We are torn apart by so many things. We have corona to contend with on one hand and losing a job or a home on the other. Coupled with these difficult situations are other realities such as rising prices of essential commodities and bans on all sorts of things ranging from travel to simple socializing. This is enough to put anyone in a foul mood mainly because there seems to be no end in sight. Though there are news items promising some respite with the vaccine, we still feel terribly tormented with all that is going on.


It is quite easy to tell someone that they should not worry too much about what is going on around them and that it is a passing phase. Try telling that to someone who sees no silver lining in the clouds around him. All he can visualize is the threat of the virus combined with challenging living conditions. In all this misery, learning a new instrument and playing it to soothe your nerves could come as nothing short of great relief. You will feel that inner peacebuilding inside of you and what is more important is that you feel a sense of positivity that you have not felt in a long time.

Therapy could come in various forms and music is one that is a sure way of helping you resonate with nature and finding your own healing space.


It is quite understandable to think that you are eligible for a Medicare or Medigap plan because you have reached the specified age. However, it is always better to talk to a well-informed insurance company rep who can give you the best possible advice. More than anything else the rep should be able to tell you all about when you should enrol and what the eligibility criteria are for any of those Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 you have in mind. Once you are clear about the criteria for enrolment, you can decide which one to choose and which one of the drug coverage plans you could combine with, so that you get a good package that fits your budget fairly well. It is a matter that requires a lot of thought and consideration and therefore should not be rushed into recklessly.

Eligibility For Enrolment

You must first find out whether the plans you have shortlisted, can be serviced in the area in which you live and operate. Though you are eligible to enrol in a supplement plan, if you already have a Part A or a Part B Medicare plan, it is still a good idea to get more information on this. Of course, you would certainly have to continue to pay your premium that you have been paying hitherto. Some insurance companies throw open their supplement plans only at specific times in the year. When this happens, you can check your age and other eligibility criteria and then enrol for the same.

Getting Your Papers Ready

Once you have put together all your medical records and any other papers that you have received from previous doctor’s visits, you can walk into your insurance office and get the rest of the paperwork done. You need to fill in forms, make a few declarations, and attach a few pieces of evidence that they ask for so that you will not face any problem if and when you make a claim. You would also need to give your social security number and details of any other insurance covers that you have. In case you have an insurance that is in operation in some other state, details of this have to be provided too.

In case you are worried about making a visit to the insurance office because of the Covid threat, you could call on toll-free numbers that are provided by all insurance companies and get all the relevant information you require.


With insurance plans flooding the market in a world where the word coronavirus causes nothing short of mass panic, there are very few names that you can really rely on. You could do comparisons of all the service providers that are there in the market. What we really are looking for is a clear-cut statement on which of these plans we should sign up for, without the fear of getting ripped off. The Medicare supplement plans comparison chart 2021, by virtue of being the best info provider, gives you details that you could safely base your decisions on.

The Role Of Insurance Companies That Issue Supplement Plans

To figure out which of these firms is the best, you need to know what they do for you in the first place. Underwriting is what they do – now, what is this. In simple terms, it refers to a practice where for a fixed amount of money that you pay them on a regular basis, right through a calendar year, they step in when your medical bills exceed the amount that your original Medicare gives you. This is one reason why a supplement plan is also called a Medigap plan or policy. You should be careful about what you tell your agent and what exactly are the expenses you are likely to incur to take care of your health issues. Once you are clear to them, the insurance companies will be able to give you the right kind of support and guidance.

Changes Coming Up In 2021

Even though most of you believe that things have changed drastically in 2020 itself, you will be happy and relieved to know that 2021 looks a lot more promising. The best plans to go for would be Plans G, N and F. You will find that on the basis of the existing market trends, most people find any one of these plans the best bet to support them through the crisis of ill health and nursing care. Though it is really tempting to remain with your original Medicare, because you think you will get a 100% coverage, it is still not enough as you grow older. Hospitalization and other additional costs could get you into a lot of trouble – so please be careful.

Keeping track of what will be a good plan to take in 2021 is also dependent on what you are signing up for, now – consult your insurance advisor at the earliest.